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Robert Sungenis recently contacted me and stated that he has removed all the material about Jewish issues that led to the creation of this website and that he will not be returning to such material in the future.  As such, I've chosen to remove the documentation formerly found at this website.

This is not to imply that Sungenis has retracted and/or apologized for the statements on Jewish issues that were formerly documented here. He has not. Instead, he has recently stated, both publicly and privately, that he believes God has given him a new vision/direction related to the issue of geocentrism.  As a result of his desire to pursue this new vision/direction, Sungenis writes,  “
I’ve publically declared that I am no longer addressing [Jewish] issues and don’t wish to discuss them with anyone” and “I…will never discuss them again.”  However, he has said that he still personally holds to the same beliefs and considers them to be true.

In place of the documentation formerly found here, I’ve provided some important statements from Pope Benedict XVI about the Holocaust, articles debunking Holocaust denial and statements made by the Church about the Jewish people.  You will also find links to articles I wrote with David Palm for Lay Witness Magazine and the National Catholic Register relating to the Jewish people and a letter to the editor written by Bishop Kevin Rhoades about one of those articles as well as an extensive list of statements I compiled from the Church, the Fathers, Scripture and more about the expectation of a future, special conversion of the Jewish people to Christ.

Before continuing, however, you are invited to view a recently discovered documentary on the Nazi death camps that includes original video footage. [Warning:  graphic images]: Memory of the Camps

~ Michael Forrest 


Section 2Pope Benedict XVI on the Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Section 3: Links to Information Debunking the Claims of Holocaust Deniers

Section 4: Catholic Teaching on the Jewish People

Section 5:  Compilation of Quotes from the Church, the Fathers, Scripture and More on the Expectation of a Future, Special Conversion of the Jewish People to Christ


Articles by Michael Forrest and David Palm


All in the Family:  Christians, Jews and God by Michael Forrest and David Palm:  An examination of two common errors prevalent in certain circles today - extreme supersessionism and the dual covenant theory.  

Letter to the Editor from Bishop Rhoades:  His Excellency's letter to Lay Witness Magazine about our article, All in the Family: Christians, Jews and God.

On the Relationship Between the Jewish People and God by Michael Forrest and David Palm:  A brief examination of Church teaching. [Note: I also wrote a lengthy comment with David Palm under the article that addresses related issues raised by a few readers - it is the last comment posted.]

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